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NEW PRODUCT: Piñata Masterpiece® Set

Introducing a co-branded, alcohol ink set by Jacquard and Masterpiece®

Working together, Jacquard Products and Masterpiece® have created a powerful new alcohol ink set! The Piñata Masterpiece® Set combines four of Jacquard’s exciting NEW Piñata Colors (Coral, Golden Yellow, Teal, & Copper) with three of Masterpiece’s groundbreaking, NEW double-sided Alcohol Ink Art Panels™ (5” x 7”).

The vibrancy of Piñata Alcohol Ink is accentuated when applied onto the unique, lightly-textured surface of Masterpiece® Alcohol Ink Art Panels™. The warp-resistant and double-sided panels extend open time for the inks, and the inks don’t spread as freely on the surface; therefore, artists have more control than ever! A subtle pearlescent shimmer adds depth to the finished piece, due to the slightly reflective surface of the panel shining through the ink.

UPDATE: Screen Printing Kits and NEW Aluminum Screens & Squeegees

Lightweight, no-warp aluminum now available

Jacquard's Screen Printing Kits have been upgraded to include professional-quality aluminum framed screens & squeegees! These precision-made tools replace the less durable, warp-prone and much heavier wooden screens and squeegees previously included in the kits. Jacquard is proud to now offer a the lightest weight, most economical aluminum framed screens on the market.

With new graphics featuring artwork by celebrated illustrators @Gentlethrills and @WeAreBrainstorm on the re-designed packaging, Jacquard Screen Printing Kits are sure to appeal to creatives of every sort. They come with everything a novice printer needs to get started: screen, squeegee, diazo photo emulsion, four colors of professional-grade ink, and detailed instructions.

UPDATE: Textile Color Exciter Pack - 4 New Colors & Updated Design!

A Refresh of a Favorite!

Jacquard's Textile Color Exciter Pack has been revamped with new packaging and a refreshed assortment of colors. Now featuring the most essential colors, this Exciter includes: 101 Yellow*, 106 True Red*, 110 Violet, 111 Sky Blue, 114 Turquoise, 116 Apple Green, 120 Brown*, 122 Black*, 123 White. * indicates updated color

Textile Colors are professional-quality paints for all kinds of fabrics, leather, wood, and paper. Exceptionally washfast,Textile Colors are soft to the touch on fabrics and won’t crack, peel or chip over time. In addition to painting on fabric and leather, artists also use Textile Color for block-printing, mono-printing, stenciling, stamping and more.

Exciter Packs are a great way to get acquainted with Jacquard's product lines, and make a lovely gift for any creative person!


NEW PRODUCTS: Piñata Alcohol Ink - 5 New Colors & New Exciter!

5 new reasons to love Piñata Color: Golden Yellow, Pink, Coral, Blue-Violet, and Teal!

These highly requested, complex colors have joined the popular Piñata Color line and are making their debut today. Some colors are hard to make on your own, so Jacquard mixed them for you – these vibrant alcohol inks can be used right out of the bottle! Go ahead and drip on Coral, brush with Blue-Violet, airbrush Pink, stamp with Teal and spray on Golden Yellow. It’s fascinating to watch the highly-saturated colors mix on all kinds of hard surfaces like tile, metal, glass, plastic, resin & YUPO­®.

A rack add-on, for the new colors + Pearl, Brass, Copper, Shadow Grey and Burro Brown, is now available.

Jacquard is also proud to introduce the new Piñata Overtones Exciter Pack! This collection of 9 fast-drying alcohol inks includes the 5 new colors as well as Blanco Blanco, Copper, Brass & Pearl. Explore this new color palette on any slick or non-porous surface. The possibilities are endless!

NEW PRODUCT: Soda Ash POP Displays

Finally: a snazzy way to merchandise Soda Ash!

Easily merchandise Soda Ash, an essential dye auxiliary, with Jacquard’s new Soda Ash POP Displays!

These colorfully printed boxes come pre-packed with 1 lb or 5 lb bags of Soda Ash (6x and 3x, respectively) and easily fold out into eye-catching displays, making great companions to the Procion MX display.