Product News 2012

NEW PRODUCT: Color Magnet Dye Kits

Our new Color Magnet Dye Kits™ allow you to easily customize garments using the Color Magnet™ Pen and stencils (included). Wash the garment with the washer-safe dye packet in your washing machine, and a darker shade of the dye color will magically appear wherever Color Magnet™ was applied!

Available in three, two-color combinations:

  • Pink / Yellow

  • Green / Purple

  • Red / Turquoise.

NEW PRODUCT: iDye Fixative Sleeve

Our new iDye Fixative. available in a 14 g iDye sleeve, helps retain color intensity over time and reduces the risk of backstaining when laundered. Use it for items that will be frequently washed or have particularly intense colors.

IDye Fixative is also available in a 3 fl oz/88 ml jar.

PRODUCT UPDATE: Lumiere 3D CLEAR Now Available!

Lumiere 3D #200 Clear may be used as a glue on practically any surface! It is great for attaching beads, jewels, patches or decals to fabric or paper. It also works great on wood, leather, canvas, glass, vinyl, most plastics and even metal. Lumiere 3D Clear is also a fantastic adhesive for fabric - washable and dry cleanable after thorough drying.

Available in open stock (Item JDP1200) or in a carded blister with 3 plastic tips (JDP0200).

PRODUCT UPDATE: Piñata Colors - Rich Gold and Metallic Silver!

2 New Colors: Jacquard's New Silver and Rich Gold Piñata Colors are formulated with real metal pigments and are super opaque!

  • Piñata Alcohol colors are perfect for scrapbookers ,paper artists, oil painters, acrylic painters, window painters, sculptors and crafters of all kinds.

  • They can be applied to almost anything: paper, plastic, wood, glass, canvas, metal, foil, ceramic, fabric, rubber, name it!

PRODUCT UPDATE: Pearl Ex Duo Colors

Jacquard Products is excited to announce two new duo colors in our popular Pearl Ex Powered Pigments line. Pearl Ex duo colors display amazing two-tone qualities, depending on the angle of the light and the color of the background.

It has a use for every artist, from watercolorist to auto painter, faux finisher to rubber stamper