Product News 2015

PRODUCT UPDATES: Procion MX Neutral Grey & Color Magnet in BULK

NEW COLOR - Procion MX Neutral Grey
We are excited to introduce a NEW Neutral Grey color to our ever popular line of Procion MX dyes! Neutral Grey (#211) is a homogeneous color (not a blend of multiple colors) that is actually grey and actually neutral: it will never become black if you use too much and, being a pure color, will reduce color shifting to an absolute minimum. The new, Neutral Grey replaces the existing Pearl Grey color in the Procion MX line.

We are also thrilled to meet the demand and now offer Color Magnet in a gallon size. Color Magnet Dye Attractant is one of our most innovative products! It can be used in tandem with most types of Jacquard dye for creating contrasting monochromatic prints on fabric without changing the feel of the textile.


NEW FORMULA Textile Color Fluorescent Red #154
We are pleased to announce that Textile Color Fluorescent Red #154 has been reformulated using a newly available fluorescent red pigment. Whereas the original color was very similar to Fluorescent Pink #153, the new pigment is significantly redder while still being wildly intense and fluorescent. Available in four sizes.

Jacquard is also pleased to announce that, moving forward, all bulk size paints will be packaged in new, crystal clear PET plastic jugs. These new bottles do not collapse like the old HDPE bottles did, and they make the paints look fantastic on the shelf!


Henna now available in BULK!

Henna is a natural colorant made from the dried leaves of the Lawsonia inermis shrub. Henna has been used for thousands of years for body art, especially in India, where it is known as Mehndi.

Jacquard’s Mehndi Henna Kit makes a great introduction to this natural tattooing technique, but for seasoned henna artists, large henna parties or events, Jacquard is proud to now offer henna in bulk! It produces a beautiful reddish-orange brown color that for millennia has been associated with good luck, good health, fertility, sensuality, positive energy and wisdom.

Available in two sizes: 8 oz/0.23 kg and 1 lb/0.45 kg.


Jacquard now offers an entire line of Cyanotype products!

Cyanotype is the original sun-printing process. It’s been around since the earliest days of photography. It’s easy, it’s magical, and the results are almost always stunning. Jacquard offers pretreated cyanotype fabrics, a  DIY chemistry set, a class pack—a total of five different ways to experience Cyanotype. Great for photographers, mixed media artists, printmakers, quilters, kids and more! We have also created a support website that makes it easy to creative photographic Cyanotype prints. Prints can be made on any natural fiber: paper, cotton, silk, wool, wood, etc.   

Experience this antique photographic process with Jacquard’s:

NEW PRODUCT: Pearl Ex Metallic Calligraphy Set

Create your own Metallic Calligraphy Ink!

Mixing your own metallic/pearlescent calligraphy ink is easier than ever with Jacquard’s new Metallic Calligraphy Set. Just add water to any of the luscious Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments in the set along with the included Gum Arabic binder. The thinner the ink, the more it will lie flat on the paper while thicker consistencies will stand and have a raised texture. Either way, the ink will shimmer and shine!

Instructions are included in the set as well as a short list of nibs that work well with Pearl Ex.

NEW PRODUCTS: Marbling Color & Synthetic Gall

The new Marbling Color from Jacquard Products are the easiest to use, most vibrant, exciting and professional-quality marbling system in the world! Nine gorgeous Marbling Colors have been reformulated for beautiful and easy marbling on paper, fabric and more.

With the addition of Synthetic Gall, marblers now have total control of their colors.


  • All colors spread equally on the marbling surface.

  • Good adhesion on any porous or semi-porous substrate.

  • Permanent and washfast on fabric after heat-setting.

  • Jacquard's Synthetic Gall gives marblers total control of each color and allows them to adjust how much each color spreads on the marbling surface.

  • Formulated for ease-of-use and professional results.

  • The most vibrant marbling colors available!

PRODUCT UPDATES: Marbling Kit & Marbling Class Pack

The inclusion of the new Marbling Colors and Synthetic Gall in our Marbling Kit and Marbling Class Pack makes for significant improvements for both. We are proud to announce this new and improved marbling system!

  • Replaced Methocel with Carrageenan, which produces finer marbling lines and allows the paints to perform better.

  • Balanced all colors to produce even spreading and maximum depth of color.

  • Replaced Green (easy to mix with provided colors) with a vivid Violet (difficult to mix with provided colors).

  • Included Synthetic Gall for greater control and special effects.

  • Improved floating of every color.

  • More thorough instructions.

  • No need for ammonia.

NEW PRODUCT: Jeanie Denim Dye

So easy, it’s like magic! Jeanie is a no-mess magic coloring powder that breathes new life into old denim. It's available in 11 colors! The dye comes in a dissolvable packet, making the dyeing process easier than ever before: simply drop the packet in your washer add your fabric, and run the hottest cycle. Your blue jeans will never be blue again!

Every dyed jean color/shade is unique!!

PRODUCT UPDATE: Transfer Paper

Jacquard Transfer Paper is an iron-on transfer method for light colored fabrics. Images and designs can be printed on with an inkjet copier or printer or directly drawn on with crayon, markers or inks.

Newly Improved in the following ways:

  • More permanent 

  • Holds up to washing and drying better 

  • Better adhesion and reduced peeling 

  • Transfers are softer and more flexible than before 

  • New matte finish looks more natural on fabric