Product News 2016

PRODUCT AWARD: Cyanotype Mural Fabric

2016 Creative Child Product of the Year!

Jacquard Products is proud to announce that our Cyanotype Fabrics were awarded the 2016 Creative Child Product of the Year Award!

Cyanotype is a photographic printmaking process that is so simple, even a novice can get professional results. Printing with Cyanotype is a fantastic way to introduce children to the magic of science, photography and art. The panel of educators, mothers and professionals at Creative Child Magazine wholeheartedly agree!

Cyanotype Fabric can be used by an individual or many kids working together! Offered in:


NEW PRODUCT: Airbrush Clear Extender Medium

Turn any acrylic paint into an airbrush color!

Add Airbrush Clear Extender Medium to Airbrush Colors, or other acrylic paints, to increase transparency, dilute color and extend the mileage of the paint without affecting viscosity or compromising its adhesive properties.

Variety of uses:

  • Thin Jacquard and other thick acrylic paints to decrease viscosity for spraying.

  • Use as a textile medium to modify artist or craft acrylics to improve washfastness and durability when applied to fabric.

  • Use as a protective topcoat on any paintable surface.

  • Use as a base for mixing custom colors from powdered or dispersed pigments such as Pearl Ex.

PRODUCT UPDATE: Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments

NEW COLOR PearlEx Rose Gold #694

Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments, our most versatile product line, added a new color! Rose Gold is a color we developed at the request of calligraphers (many, many of them!) for our incredibly popular Metallic Calligraphy Set, which launched last year. As the demand for this super-trending color continues to climb, we decided to offer it open-stock. Available in four sizes.


NEW COLOR Lumiere Rose Gold #533
The stunning, light-bodied metallic and pearlescent Lumiere paint line welcomed a new color, Rose Gold! It is an indispensable color, especially for calligraphers, and for any project relating to weddings.

Highly flexible and durable, Lumiere colors are popular for any pliable surface, including fabric, leather, shoes, sneakers and more.

Available in three sizes.

PRODUCT UPDATE: Airbrush Color

NEW COLOR Airbrush Fluorescent Red #408

A vibrant new color, Fluorescent Red, has joined the fluorescent line of our Airbrush Color!It is truly fluorescent and a true red pigment.

The most popular sneaker to customize is the Nike Air Jordan, and the most popular Jordan color is the iconic Infra-red. Sneaker painters call us every day asking for this color. That is why we launched the new Fluorescent Red in our Airbrush Colors line, so this sought-after color can be applied to any custom project. This is the same wildly fluorescent, true red that we offer in our Textile Color line.

Available in 4 fl oz/118.29 ml

NEW PRODUCT: Refillable Markers

Expand the possibilities for applying dyes, paints, inks and mediums with Jacquard's new Refillable Markers!

Offered in a 2-pack, the empty markers can be filled with any fluid medium for easy application. The barrel of the marker is soft and squeezable, allowing for total control of how much material leaves the pen. The smooth valve-tip glides across all surfaces with ease, allowing for quick and easy coverage

Try it with Jacquard's:

NEW PRODUCT: Reusable Zip Ties

Tie dyers love how easily they can bind fabric tightly when they use zip ties. But zip ties are typically single-use, and no one likes throwing away that much plastic, least of all environmentally-conscious tie-dyeing folks like us. That is why Jacquard is now offering Reusable Zip Ties. Use as many as you want guilt free, because you'll never throw a zip tie away again!

These heavy duty, easily releasable cable ties can be used over and over again. Easily cut to size or daisy-chained together, they're not just for tie dyers! You might be surprised how many uses there are for zip ties.

  • 50 lbs strength

  • 11.75" length

  • smooth-molded with no sharp edges

  • environmentally responsible

  • economical 

Available in 12-, 100- and 500-Pack options.

NEW PRODUCT: Bottles + Plastic Tips Assortment

Introducing a new bottle and tip assortment with plastic tips! Use these tools for fine line detailing with paints, inks, glues, resists, dyes, henna, glazes and more for: fine arts, crafts, model making, miniatures and ceramics and more!

Set of 3 - 1/2 fl oz/14.79 ml bottles with 0.5, 0.7, & 0.9 mm plastic tips.

PRODUCT UPDATE: Kresto® Kolor Ultra Hand Cleanser

We are now offering a new brand of hand cleanser!

Kresto® Kolor Ultra (formerly “REDURAN”) is a special hand cleaning paste with a reducing agent for removing dye from skin. It is all-natural and biodegradable.

PRODUCT UPDATE: Piñata Exciter Pack - Updated Colors!

After listening to customer feedback about how artists use alcohol inks (and which colors are most popular), we decided to modify the colors in our popular Piñata Exciter Pack to match the current trends. The new assortment offers the 9 most popular Piñata colors (two more than previously!), and it also includes the best colors for mixing: true primaries, all three secondaries, black, white and metallic gold.

PLEASE NOTE: the item number and UPC for this SKU will remain the same. Updated colors marked with “ * ”

PRODUCT UPDATE: deColourant … and NEW PRODUCT: deColourant Mist

NEW Name - deColourant (formerly “Discharge Paste”)
Our customers didn't like the we changed it!

At Jacquard, we take your feedback seriously. Many of our customers have commented that, while they love the product, the name "Discharge Paste" is unpleasant. So, we acquired the name deColourant, which is more descriptive: deColourant removes color! We think the new name has a nice ring to it. 

deColourant is a ready-to-use printing paste for removing areas of color from dyed natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk and wool. Unlike bleach, deColourant removes color without jeopardizing the integrity of the fiber.

NOW AVAILABLE: deColourant Mist
We also offer this product in a sprayable formula called deColourant Mist! Create designs by misting through a stencil or around a found object.  

PRODUCT UPDATE: Removable Water-based Resist

NEW FORMULA Removable Water-based Resist
(formerly "Colorless Water-based Resist”)

Removable Water-based Resist is a superior resist that easily washes out with warm water (even after steaming or setting), revealing the white or colored silk beneath. This new formula holds a crisp line without spreading and does not shrink or pucker when dry.

Removable Resist may be tinted with any water-based dye for colored lines and is screenable, odorless, alcohol-free and non-toxic.

New Formula Improvements:

  • Doesn’t spread

  • Resists better

  • Easily tinted  

  • Smooth consistency

Available in three sizes.

PRODUCT UPDATE: Versatex Fixer - New Formula!

Now Versatex Fixer is greatly improved and fixes better than ever!* This additive for Versatex Screen Inks increases washfastness and eliminates the need for heat setting.

Available in four sizes.

*NOTE: The improved formula is incompatible with the old fixer.
Do NOT use in combination with the old fixer unless the ink will be used immediately!

NEW PRODUCT: Softening Additive for Jacquard Professional Screen Ink

Jacquard Softening Additive is used to soften the hand of Jacquard Professional Screen Inks on fabric.

Jacquard Professional Screen Inks are water-based, multi-surface inks with excellent adhesion on all sorts of textiles, including synthetic and waterproofed fabrics. Often, when printing on lightweight fabrics and apparel, a softer print may be desirable. Jacquard Softening Additive makes this possible.

Available in two sizes: 8 fl oz/0.24 L and 1 qt/0.95 L