"Finally in my 7 years of using Jagua for body art, there is a product which allows me to modify the thickness and scent of the Jagua gel to my personal preferences. I love how dark the powdered Jagua stains the skin, all completely natural and without the use of chemicals. Jacquard's Jagua products are a valuable asset for body art professionals and enthusiasts."

— Melissa Addams, The Henna Mystic

iDye Poly

"This was the 1st time I ever used your product and I am soooo impressed ! Not only was it easy to put together but the color vibrancy is AMAZING... I will never buy Rit dye again! Thank you for such a wonderful product ... your customer service also deserves a shout out as well. It is so rare these days to receive such promptness in my initial inquiry about your products. Usually I hear nothing or possibly days and I means dayssss later...thank you again."

— Marianne D.

Procion MX

"I called in several times over the past couple weeks with questions about the process of first time tie dying. I had insecurities and intimidation about the sock tie dye party we planned to have at my son's 16th birthday. I must say, it was a HUGE HIT! I appreciate all the kind and helpful support to guide me on getting what I needed. We are now lifers of the brand!"

— Keesha H.

Silk Colors

"... last summer I took a Silk Painting class with Tina Gleave in Yosemite National Park. She was great and I learned how to paint on silks!!! I fell in love with it and have since become a silk painter! Its been such a pleasant surprise to find this medium and people are loving my work. I ended up being selected for a fine art exhibit with one of my pieces and have now have greeting cards and a website. Tina said that you donated the dyes and I wanted to personally thank you for doing that. With your support, I have been inspired and my work has inspired others!" 

— Jenni B.

Tie Dye Kits

"I've been waiting to write until I could snap a pic of my kids all in their shirts... But would you believe they are always dirty or getting snatched out of the dryer?? I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of your dye kit. Our shirts have been washed several times a week and the colors have stayed vibrant. The kids just love them! They (the shirts) look awesome!! … I will highly recommend this kit to my friends. Thanks again and Aloha!"

— Jenn K.



"My kids and I had so much fun tie dyeing items last year. We're looking forward to doing more this year.
Our shirts are so vibrant, and have not faded at all. We're so pleased with the results."

— Sherri M.

Airbrush Colors

"They’re beautiful! Once you load the paint you’re good to go. It shoots right away, and you don’t have to filter or thin it."

— Sal Amezcua (@Kickstradomis)

  • "I've been testing out your airbrush paints and I must say I LOVE YOUR PAINTS!!!!!! They're amazing to use, easy to spray, clean up, they're durable, lasting high quality. I just can't say enough good about them. I'll be using your paints for as long as I'm customizing. I love you guys and your paints." — Elijah R.

  • "In my 30 years of experience using fabric paints, I've never used a more translucent colour than with Jacquard.
    Super Vibrant! Superior colourfastness… a different animal!" — Troy P.

  • "Transparent paints are strong and vibrant, and the spectrum of colors hits every note…the most user-friendly airbrush paint I think I've ever used, and is a real pleasure to work with." — William E.

  • "Jacquard Airbrush Colors are super vibrant and ready to spray straight from the bottle." — Ken J.

  • "Easy to spray. No clog. Great colors." — Paula N.

  • "Smooth, easy to apply and looks great." — Michael H.

  • "The paint is amazing!" — Gladys S.

  • "Smooth even flow, no clog, no spit and great dry time." — Lawrence M.

  • "Sprays smooth, covers well. Wouldn’t change anything about the product." — David C.

  • "Sprayed uniformly, smooth good coverage, good flows and no spits. Good vibrant color." — Michael S.

  • "Smooth, no dusting or overspray, blended well, not a lot of mixing, blended well and mixed well with other colors." — Steve K.

  • "Good coverage, especially white over black." — Shawn N.

  • "Sprays well, no tip dry, good color, no clumping and takes heat press temperature well." — Gary P.

"Over 30 years of airbrushing I've used all the different brands of paint and they all gave me issues. Jacquard Airbrush paint is far ahead of them all."

— Ton Jansen



"Used Jacquard Airbrush Paint on fishing lures (Badgers at 10, 15 and 25 psi small tips)... on a scale of 1-5 I rate it a 5 - smooth and easy flowing. Everything was perfect for me. I will definitely use them again ... this is one of the best airbrush paints that I’ve used."

— Ernest W.



"I have used your products and really love all of the paints! They are beautiful and I have never been disappointed in any of them! I had a lot of fun using your paints to create this! Thank you for making such wonderful paints!"

— Terry H.

Lumiere and Dye-Na-Flow

“Hello Folks at Jacquard I just would like to say thanks for making such great and lasting paints and products. I have been using your paints and inks for over 15 years, I just love them. I have started to use your Lumiere metallic acrylics and I am hooked on them, I now paint all of my designs with these and Dye-Na-Flow. I am attaching some photo examples of how vibrant and beautiful your paints are. Thank you for making great paints and wonderful products.”

— L. Hasenkamp


Textile Colors

"I'm just writing to tell you how much I love your textile products ... I've been using Jacquard products for at least 20 years. I discovered them when I did costume and clothing design for the theater companies I freelanced for. Today, I use them for my very unique art projects. I love how the colors are bright, permanent and mixable and how my textiles stay soft and sewable and quiltable.

I started teaching some workshops recently. I am always confident that my students will feel successful while working with the paints and with their finished projects. I am so happy and proud that I am able to inspire them. None of them have ever tried textile paints before. Thank you."

— Gloria G.

Tee Juice Fabric Art Markers

"I just wanted to email a picture of what I was able to do in a matter of minutes with your medium point tee juice marker. I have never tried these and was impressed to get great quality and rich black. The marker was easy to pull out and use right away and put away and pull out again as needed making for excellent convenience when you have kids who only give you a minute of personal time an hour :)

The marker tip stayed moist but still supplied a great color with minimal bleed. My oldest son has Autism and easily stains his shirts/jeans. I usually screen print but for my children's stained shirts it is taxing to go through the process and I usually have to recycle them within only a few wears. I'm excited to experiment with more of your markers, thicknesses and I may even venture a color.

Thank you for such a great product that allows me to relieve stress in doing something I love to do with the minimal time I have!!!"

— Virginia F.

Film Markers

"Just wanted to let you guys know that your film markers are absolutely awesome,and was wondering whether or not you would ever consider making any other sizes other than your original 1.2 mm point. I'm an artist that likes a good old 0.1 mm and from time to time a nice 0.05 mm.

I am an owner of a screen printing studio in the Fiji islands and recently started using your markers and found that I can do much more spontaneous work instead of doing my artwork in pen, scanning, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign then eventually printing my artwork on my Epson. Your markers really do make my life a hell of a lot easier when I want to do bold simple prints, and not to mention a lot more cost effective.

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for your product (on my 7th marker) and if you do have any other sizes where do I get them from? If you don't, shame on you! Start making them now! I have a feeling that all this software and an infinite amount of printers are making an artist's world far more complicated than it needs to be, and your markers definitely do the trick."

— Cameron L.