Piñata Exciter Packs

Highly versatile, transparent, alcohol-based Piñata Inks are great for: glass, leather, wood, paper, YUPO®, plastic, metal, metal foil, resin, wax and vinyl.

Piñata Color Exciter Pack (Multilingual: En/Fr/Ger/Sp) Item JAC9916
Piñata Color Exciter (Bilingual: En/Fr - Canadian-compliant) Item JAC9917
Piñata Color Overtones Exciter (Trilingual: En/Fr/Sp) Item JAC9918

Piñata Color Exciter Pack

Item JAC9916 includes:

  • Packaging and instructions in 4 languages (English, French, German and Spanish)

  • Tips / tricks insert

Item JAC9917 includes:

  • 2 language packaging (English, French (Canadian compliant))

JAC9916 and JAC9917 both include:

Piñata Color Overtones Exciter Pack

Item JAC9918


  • 3 language packaging (English, French, Spanish)

  • 9—1/2 fl oz/14.79 ml bottles of Piñata Alcohol Ink with the following colors: