Lumiere 3D Clear

Lumiere 3D Clear may be used as glue on practically any surface. It is great for attaching beads, jewels, patches or decals to fabric or paper. It also works well on wood, leather, canvas, glass, vinyl, most plastics and even metal. Lumiere 3D Clear is also a fantastic adhesive for fabric - washable and dry-cleanable after thorough drying.

You may mix Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments into Lumiere 3D Clear or use it as an extender for the rest of the Lumiere 3D colors.

1 fl oz/29.57 ml Item JDP1200 (Open Stock)
1 fl oz/29.57 ml Item JDP0200 (Carded Blister)
Includes 3 plastic tips - 0.5 mm, 0.7 mm & 0.9 mm