Screen Drawing Fluid

For Use With All Water-based Screen Printing Inks

Formulated for safe and easy use with Jacquard’s Screen Filler & Block Out solution. Used to create a positive stencil on a silk screen and to achieve a “painterly” effect.

4 fl oz/118.29 ml Item JSI1770
8 fl oz/0.24 L Item JSI2770


Elevate screen in a horizontal position so the silk screen fabric is lifted above the table top, fabric-side down. Apply Screen Drawing Fluid to the screen in the areas you want to print. After the Screen Drawing Fluid has dried, coat the entire screen with Jacquard’s Screen Filler & Block Out. When the Screen Filler & Block Out has dried, spray cold water on both sides of the screen. The Screen Drawing Fluid will wash out and the Screen Filler & Block Out will remain. Allow the screen to dry before screen printing.

CAUTION: Always use common sense and good housekeeping when using Jacquard’s products.