Rebecca Crowell


Rebecca Crowell is a professional, full-time artist who lives and works in Osseo, Wisconsin. She is best known for her abstract paintings created in oil and cold wax on panel. Her work is exhibited at galleries in Santa Fe, Telluride, Scottsdale, Minneapolis, two Wisconsin locations, and can be found in hundreds of private, corporate and public collections around the country. Rebecca also teaches oil and wax workshops.

“I’ve been using my favorite brand of cold wax medium, Dorland’s Wax Medium, exclusively for about seven years. When I first started using Dorland’s, I was interested in bringing more abstraction into my work, but feeling constrained by brush techniques. I was also frustrated with other oil mediums I’d tried that made the paint slippery and runny. A sales person at my favorite art supply store recommended that I try Dorland’s Wax Medium. I was delighted with the difference the wax made in adding body to the paint.”

Jacquard products used: Dorland’s Wax