Methocel is a synthetic thickener that provides a viscous surface for fabric and paper marbling. It is also used in book arts as a paper sizing, for paste papers and to slow the drying time of PVA glues. Compared to natural thickeners, Methocel is more economical and longer lasting.

8 oz/0.23 kg Item CHM1004
1 lb/0.45 kg Item CHM2004
5 lb/2.27 kg Item CHM3004


Use 2.5-3 tablespoons/37-44 g Methocel per 1 gal/3.79 L warm tap water. Slowly add the powder to the water while mixing or blending until fully dissolved. Blend a second time after the solution has stood 1 hour, if not fully dissolved. Allow to rest 30 minutes or until all bubbles have risen before using. Fill marbling tray 1.5"/3.81 cm deep and skim off any remaining bubbles. Methocel solutions keep a long time. Refrigeration is recommended for prolonged storage. Use at room temperature for consistent results.

CAUTION: Keep dyes, paints and chemicals away from children. Avoid unnecessary contact. Do not ingest.