Juliana Lazzaro

Juliana Lazzaro has exhibited her work at the National Academy Museum and the Cork Gallery at Lincoln Center. 2008 saw her Los Angeles debut at the Modernism Today installation at LAX. In 2011, Lazzaro's set design was featured in the Medicine Show Theatre's presentation of Living with History: Camus, Sartre and De Beauvoir. In 2012, Lazzaro's work was shown at the Arlington Museum's group exhibition: Mosaic.

Lazzaro has expanded her work from the plane of the canvas to hand painted original works on select garments. This work made its debut at the Tesla Motors showroom in Chelsea in the Spring of 2013. Lazzaro next collaborated with Schott NYC on a custom painted Perfecto jacket for their centennial retrospective at Openhouse Gallery in October 2013. As one of only five artists selected for this honor, Lazzaro's jacket is now part of Schott's permanent collection. In her most recent execution of “art in motion,” Lazzaro's custom-painted 2014 Ducati Monster was shown at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show at the Javits Center in late 2013.

“There is an intensity to each day. Painting is the way in which I communicate. It is what I was born to do and what I've done my entire life. I am drawn to any surface that will allow paint to bind without compromising its integrity—canvas, textiles, motorcycles or found objects. I am resourceful and produce work on anything I find.  Growing up in a creative environment, my parents encouraged time spent in nature and freedom to explore.  Traveling and living in many different environments has fueled the creative process. I've lived on the beach, on an island, in the desert, mountains and in the city.  I absorb everything and it is translated in the work. In life and painting, I am interested in what happens next. Inspiration is constant and I do not hold back. My latest work involves taking the two dimensional work to three dimensions and making it mobile. I call this transition "ArtinMotion.”  I use only Lumiere and Neopaque paints by Jacquard for my work on textiles. This work is an extension of my painting on canvas.”

Juliana Lazzaro lives and paints in NYC.

"I do not seek, I find." – Picasso


Jacquard products used: Lumiere and Neopaque