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Structural Alterations: Exploring Sculptural Work using Wood and Encaustic

  • Atelier One Studios #8 Graton, CA (map)

Artists have been using wood as a sculptural material for thousands of years and wood continues to be used as a versatile material by contemporary artists today. We will explore how wooden structures are assembled and will use encaustic paint in conjunction with wood to realize each artist’s personal vision. Wood manipulation, assembling techniques, and finishing ideas will be covered in the class as well as how wax can be used to add subtle and bold color statements.  Encaustic techniques exploring glazing and pouring will be covered. The class will look at contemporary artists working sculpturally in wood. While much technical information is covered in the class the major emphasis in the class is on each artists personal vision and what they are communicating. The class will include several PowerPoint presentations. No experience is required for taking the class.

Fee: $600 + $40 materials.
May 3-5, 2019 (3-day workshop; 10am-4pm each day)

Guest Instructor: Jeff Hirst

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