Diane Ericson

Diane Ericson, founder of ReVisions Patterns & Stencils, is an artist and designer who is passionate about stenciling. She shares her enthusiasm for the arts through teaching workshops and retreat in various locations, and has become a recognized expert and motivational speaker in the sewing field.

A frequent contributor to various fiber publications, Diane enjoys playing in her studio, creating new designs for ReVisions and exploring inventive ways to inspire and celebrate creativity.

"I am fascinated by how we learn and evolve as creative beings. The creative process is full of rich opportunities to grow, understand and share our experience of being in the world. I know, and constantly witness in others, that the process of making with our hands has the ability to transform us. I feel that my ability to navigate my life experiences and move into new territory over the years has deepened my creativity in ways I could not have imagined. It is my best creative work."