Concentrated Vinyl Sulphon

Concentrated Vinyl Sulphon dyes are the ultimate surface design tool for studio professionals. The dyes are highly concentrated—8 fluid ounces will yield more than 2 gallons of ready-to-use dye—and the concentrations are consistent so that mixed colors can be easily and accurately reproduced. As mid-energy reactive dyes (equivalent to Remazol dyes), CVS dyes can be used on any natural fabric. Steam set for brilliant, permanent colors.

Benefits include:

  • Highly concentrated

  • Most economical liquid dye available

  • Stable over time

  • Excellent results on wool

  • Excellent for tinting resists and printing pastes

  • Exceptional versatility

  • Dependable and consistent

screen printing, dyeing, stamping, direct painting, shibori, discharge, tie dye, paste resist and more

all natural fibers: cotton, linen, canvas, rayon, silk, wool and more