Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor is an award-winning, multi-media artist with a sense of design that compliments the diversity of her subjects and is inspired by a variety of materials.

"I'm continually experimenting and moving in different directions with the creative process. I am currently working in Batik, which is a very old process. New technologies and materials have allowed me to expand this ancient craft into an exciting new art form. which is inspiring to me as an artist. The fabulous colors I get from the Procion MX dyes are awesome! Batik is Fun! I can use the various shades to express excitement and energy with rich, vibrant, pure color or go the other way and combine shades by overdying to create moods and mystery."

"I love the intense colors I can achieve with the cold water dyes! So deep and intense- or I can vary them to be very transparent for a totally different effect. My favorite colors are the turquoise and the golden yellow, along with bright green. I’ve also been experimenting with mixing the colors right on the fabric for a wet-in wet-effect. I stretch a piece of cotton muslin over a frame and away I go! I’ll lightly draw my design with charcoal pencil and then let the wax and dye decide what happens! Its a controlled accident of sorts. But the unexpected results are exciting! When I’m finished I can frame the piece and hang it on the wall in a gallery. These bright pieces get a lot of attention!"

Jacquard products used: Procion MX